Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Inspiration-Warming your hands

I haven't made very many mittens, although I do have quite a few pattern books for sourcing (I really just need to pick a pattern and stick with it haha).

This is one of the books in my collectionand also

So, what is your favourite winter warmer for your hands?

I do have to confess I love the Squirrel pattern gloves as seen on the UK Swap blog and have wanted to make them for a very long time but can't justify making them for me when I have so many things to make for others, i.e. Snowman Mittens by Jean Gifford for my Niece.

Do you have a favourite pattern or finished object?

I love these Handshmeichler by Wollmeise

and also Cupcake Fingerless Mitts by Karen Neal.

What is your favourite yarn for gloves/mittens/handwarmers?

Anything wool or a wool mix (not acrylic though yeuck)

Are there any patterns out there you would love to own?

I'm having a hard enough time trying to get through my queue on Ravelry (my O/H also sniggers at how much time I spend browsing for knitting patterns)

Or do you already have a winter warmer and you would like some mittens/gloves/handwarmers to match?

This sounds really sad but I spend so much time knitting for everyone else, I haven't actually knitted anything for myself for along time :( haha

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