Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Night Inspiration- Warming Your Head!

What is your favourite style of hat?
I like slouchy style hats, these are a couple I have made so far:

Fountain Hat by Katie Himmelberg
Robin by Kim Hargreaves (but without the pompom)

Do you have a favourite yarn for making hats with?
Anything soft and luxurious and holds a good shape.

What hat patterns are in your queue at the moment?
Foliage by Emilee Mooney
Gracie by Anna Peck
Felicity by Wanett Clyde
Hounds Tooth cap by Lipp Holmfield
Meret by Wolly Wormhead
Side Slip Cloche by Laura Irwin
Sideways Grande Hat by Laura Irwin

Do you have a favourite handmade hat that you (or someone else) has made?

Urchin By Ysolda Teague

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