Monday, July 20, 2009

My Beautiful FO's!

Aaaaahhh! I'm officially on holiday (well as of Saturday past) and I'm really enjoying pottering about. It feels good to actually be able to do things that I never get round to because of work (it's such a burden) . Why can't I be paid the same money but stay at home haha! I can dream!
Anyway, these are a couple of projects that I finished recently and I'm dying to show off.

First up is Clapotis gorgeous pattern to knit. I especially loved the part where you dropped stitches and let the ladder run (brilliant, never thought you would ever hear a knitter say that, did you?) I would race throught the repeats just so I could make another ladder haha. Anyway enough hilarity, the yarn used was Lornas Laces Winona to make this and I used 2 skeins. (I will probably wear this today when I visit my sister as I'm such a big showoff). It looks heavy because of the amount of yarn used but is actually quite light and very good for drab overcast days. It can be worn as a scarf or a shawl. I may model it later when I have woken up properely.

Next Up:

Ishbel I love this to bits, the pattern was wonderful to use and easy to do. I used Sophia (it's cashmere!) and ohhhh! how soft. It's really beautiful to wear and feels like heaven to touch.

And finally:

Teak Bittersweet Gauntlets by Laura Irwin. I didn't knit the wrist strap for these as I liked them as is. I used Teak (main colour) and Clover (intarsia section). These are going to be stashed away until Crimbo time (no there not a gift they are all mine Mwahhahaha!).

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  1. Very lovely knit projects.
    Hope all is well with you. Enjoy your Holiday! Dawn


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