Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scarf I *sneeze* made

I was feeling a little bit annoyed with the month of March, and I must say I was glad to see the back of it.  I know it was the month I found out about my positive assessment results  :D  I did a hop, skip and a jump everywhere I went for a whole week after it, I felt on top of the world.  Then on the last Monday of the month, I came home from college with the worst headache imaginable, followed by lots and lots of sneezing. I thought "I'll be okay  I had a flu jab in October, I will have this wee cold for a day or two max".  WRONG!!!!! I was totally floored.  I managed to go to college on Tuesday, but by the last class, I was dragging my heels.  I just about managed to prop myself up on the walk round Tesco,  my friend the trolley helped,  then my friend the car drove me home, and that was me for seven days.  I only managed to move from the sofa to the bed in between *coughing*, *spluttering* and roof shaking *sneezes*.  To say I was feeling sorry for myself was an understatement and to make matters worse there was no bread in the house, not that I could taste it,  I would've have been as well chewing on cardboard.  Something that Paul found devilishly funny.  Stooopid boy.

Anyway,  in amongst the dizzy spells, I realised I'd made something last year, and I didn't show it off,  funny the things you think of when ill eh?  However, being ill and having a Rudolph's nose I took a photo  of the said scarf  but decided to cut my head off.  Lol!

This is the Figure Eight Velveteen Scarf made from Anna Maria Horner's kit.  It uses two delicious fabrics:  velveteen and voile.  There's only a couple of seams to sew, and the result is a great looking scarf.

I also have another knitting  project on the needles.  This is Lace Shrug by Debbie Bliss (Spring/Summer 2012 magazine). I'm enjoying the knit but not sure if the colour is me.

 I used to hate purple, so what's happened to me as I've been wearing the colour quite a lot lately,  the other week I wore white linen trousers with a checked purple gypsy top.  Does this mean I'm becoming old?  Oh! Dear.


  1. Ah, I think I had that cold in November and stupidly thought I only needed two days off work - turned out it was a week. :(

    Your scarf is gorgeous, if you had to sew it up, then you made it!

    I love your shrug, and I love the colour. Purple is my favourite colour, I wear it all the time and I don't think there's anything old about it at all. :) Wear purple with pride!!

  2. Oh the cold was awful Lynne, really draining.
    I've had loads of lovely comments about my scarf and most people look surprised when I say I made it lol.
    I've seen more and more purple creeping into my wardrobe over the past year and less and less of my favourite colour red I used to wear a lot of red. x


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