Saturday, February 07, 2015

Big Gadget Love!

Some time ago, I purchased a new and much-needed machine to replace my old sewing machine. This was the first machine I purchased when I started working at the tender age of 19.   As you can imagine, I was very reluctant to admit that its retirement was very much needed. 

So after months of yearning, soul searching and trying to justify the cost I decided to purchase a Brother Innov-is 350 sewing machine. This gadget promised to do absolutely everything for me....well, it doesn't make my coffee, so maybe not everything.  However, I am certain about one thing I was like a kid with a brand new toy.  I know, it isn't top of the range and I know, that a lot of crafters don't rate the make, and would favour others over this one, but after owning my old Brother machine for over 22 years and not once having any problems, I decided to stick with the brand.

My old faithful sewing machine had been my constant companion and had served me well over the years; perhaps this was due to me lovingly cleaning and oiling it when necessary. Yes, it had played tricks on me,  losing its foot pedal once, which was renewed, only for the old one to turn up a month later. Then it started developing other little quirks, some, that it didn't have before, that's when I knew it was time to upgrade and move on. Too reluctant to  retire my old machine to sewing machine heaven I had it serviced, so I could store it not only for backup, but for sentimental value too. I know it seems silly to be so attached to an inanimate object, but it has a lot of wonderful memories; my beautiful Aunt that we lost to breast cancer in 2001 at the age of 42 was an accomplished seamstress. She helped me chose my first machine. And, I think she would be proud to hear my family say I have her creative flair and knack for manipulating material.  I wonder if she gets fed up when I talk to her and ask for guidance when a project is vexing me? I don't suppose she does, as my projects nearly always turn out just fine. 

So with a heavy heart, I say "Goodnight old faithful, enjoy your rest, you deserve it."


  1. Wishing you many happy stitches! I'm sure your aunt would be very proud of you, for so many reasons xxx

  2. Thank you Pinkshoesknits, your words are very kind. I would give anything to have my Aunt here just now. She was as mad as a brush, extremely kind and thoughtful. I miss her very much, but also proud to have her artistic flair. Xx

  3. Ooo! What a fab machine! I know what you mean about keeping your old machine, I have my Granny's two machines; one doesn't work too well, but I wouldn't be parted with them. May you have many happy and successful years of sewing with your new machine.

  4. Thank you Lynne. I have eye-spyed Paul's grans machine in my front room cupboard, need Paul to lift it down as it looks solid. I haven't checked it out yet, even though I've been living here 14 years lol!


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