Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Holiday



We know from previous adventures that Bean loves the water; always power sliding in giant puddles, but she has never been around a massive expanse of water or a beach. So on Wednesday Paul and I decided to make a pack lunch and take Bean, Bean on a little road trip to Loch Lomond.  It's not too far a drive, perhaps an hour max, and Bean is normally a good traveller, but on this particular day she was sick twice in the car (think she had swallowed her breakfast too quickly).  Then she was okay, and she started to enjoy her little day out;  her nose was in overdrive  taking in all the new smells and she pushed her little body to the max by diving over rocks, skidding through water, and trying to make friends with a duck.  She posed for a few pictures (most of the time she was racing around) with a huge grin on her face.   She was a joy to watch.

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