Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to make January a bit more bearable!

Trying to keep myself busy through this very drab and uneventful time of year. Why is January such a long month?  I woke up on Saturday and I thought 'Oh! Is that a hint of sunshine I see,'  but, it was short lived.  The sun came out for five minutes and then decided to hide again, which is a shame, because I'm really craving some warmth.  So, in an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, I looked out some pamper boxes that I subscribe to My Little Box.    A little box that  is mailed to my address each month, crammed  with  must have beauty products, trinkets and little gadgets to play around with.  I've been receiving these boxes for nearly a year now, and I don't see me canceling my subscription anytime soon.  The boxes are beautifully illustrated and contain some beauty items that I haven't even seen in stores yet.  So thrilled with this subscription,  I rush home from work on the day it is due to arrive and lock myself away so I can ohhh! and ahhh! over  the goodies I unveil. You could say, it's my one guilty little pleasure in life.

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