Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hygge Trends for 2017

Being resourceful or too lazy to use a cable needle

Last weekend I got a copy of  The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, which explains the Danish concept of 'hygge'. Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world and they say that's down to one thing: 'hygge'. You see since going back to work I've been thinking 'Oh, I blinked, and Christmas was gone. Where did the day go? It just wasn't looooooong enough'.

It took me four days to properly unwind from work and for my brain to realise I was on holiday and during this time sleep eluded me. By Christmas Eve I was like a walking zombie...sigh! I just wish I could go back and celebrate it all over again (without the insomnia) but I can't. Therefore 2017 is going to be entirely different; stress about my mum's health and my own, fretting about work and endless worrying about Paul's unemployment are being given the heave-ho for hygge (pronounced hue-gah).

So what is 'hygge?' The Danes describe it as a word that is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or unique. How do the Danes create hygge and what makes them happy? The author Wiking mentions many factors, such as cosy homes, togetherness, board games, inviting friends over to enjoy food and drink. Candles are imperative - 85% Danes connect candles and the correct lighting with hygge.  For days and days, I've been poring over this book and talking the ears off Paul about how I would like 2017 to go. Now, this isn't me making New Year Resolutions, this is my attempt at surrounding myself with safeness, comfort and taking care of my mental health; to put it bluntly giving my mind and body a break.   So, what will mine look like?
  • Sofa slumping when I get home from work. Change: 20 minutes of yoga.
  • I watch way too much T.V. Change: Listen to more music, read a book or complete a jigsaw.✔
  • I always take showers for quickness. Change: Take more relaxing baths with candlelight.
  • Minimalist beauty routine. Change: Pamper sessions a couple of times a week, even if it's just a face mask or manicure.
  • Always in a hurry and go for the quick snack option which is usually loaded with nasties. Change: To eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water every day. ✔
  • I hibernate in the winter months. Change: Take more exercise outside; walks with the dog.  
  • I focus too much on the negative things around me. Change: Start keeping an active thought jar. 
  • To make time for more crafting. ✔
  • To join more swaps online (current one: Mad About Bags) ✔
These are just a few of the changes I want to make at the moment.  I'm not going to stress out if I don't achieve them all each week, even one or two would be enough. The tick marks mean I've completed four this week...yeah! 

Recently I managed to resurrect some old WIP's (work in progress). The ancient WIP is a pair of mittens called Birchwood by Eskimimi. I bought this pattern way back in 2003 no 2013, and I made the first mitt then put the project away. I don't know why because at the time of making the left mitt I was enjoying the pattern and the wool; Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in Basil colour wave. So it's partner was completed last weekend. 

Another finish was my Opal Advent Calendar V-Stitch Blanket* I set myself the target of New Years Day for completing it, but I didn't meet that deadline. I think it was completed four days after this, which is cool. It felt special making it, and I didn't want to rush it or make a mistake, the border gave me the biggest headache because I knew it had to be just right.  I even used maths to ensure the border finished evenly,  and it worked!  The last blanket photo shows my thumb near the starting stitch and my index finger with the last stitch. It was just meant to be, it was fate!  Yes, out of all the crochet projects I've taken on board, this one is my favourite. It was just the best, best, best project ever. I don't know if it was the yarn colour changes or the excitement of making something beautiful just for me, I just don't know.  But do you know what? I think it could be described as a hyggeligt moment (cosy moment) for me to enjoy and enjoy I will!

xoxo xoxo


* Yarn used Opal (advent calendar yarn) and Adriafil Dolcezza Merino Baby.


  1. I love your V stitch blanket. The colours are wonderful. I am just learning to Crochet and wonder what a v stitch is ? So far I have made a Granny Square but little else. Marion

  2. Hi Sussexmouse thank you. This was a really fun blanket to make and I loved the opal yarn colour changes. I used the YouTube tutorial to learn the stitch and I cast on 201 stitches. Here is tge link for the video:

    Bye for now
    Shirley x

  3. Hi Sussexmouse thank you. This was a really fun blanket to make and I loved the opal yarn colour changes. I used the YouTube tutorial to learn the stitch and I cast on 201 stitches. Here is tge link for the video:

    Bye for now
    Shirley x


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