Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've been bad!!

I'm so excited, I have decided to order a few new knitting books and can't wait until they arrive. Loads of inspiration but also a chance to use up most of my huge stash. As if I need anymore inspiration, as I have tonnes of books with patterns but he-ho. Inspiration is what I need just now. I have been away from knitting for about a year, due to personal problems and I have finally come back to it and it's fantastic therapy to say the least. Just looking through past purchases has filled me with excitement but I have to remain under control. I have a habit of starting one project then another and another and not finishing the first one I started. Much to the dismay of my partner not much fun living in a house with wool lying everywhere lol. Plus I tend to become so engrossed with what im doing, I forget to speak to the dog and my partner ooopps!

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