I’m Shirley, but you can call me Squirrel. I’m a 44 year old creative person who loves knitting crochet, sewing, embroidery, dressmaking, listening to music, reading horrors and creating beautiful things. Why? Because I can!

In the winter of 2008, I hit an all time low, personally, and in April 2009 I was diagnosed as suffering from PTSD, and under-went three years of EMDR treatment to help me cope.  I won’t bore you with the details,  because in 2012 I came out the other side a whole different person. During those difficult times, though, I found that I could take my mind off things by creating.  I was drawing, knitting, cooking, sewing and learning how to crochet!  

My other love was my beautiful Rhodesian boy.  Without him, my partner or my crafting I wouldn't be here today. Dogman, sat by my side everyday for three years urging me to pull through my personal turmoil.  He would nudge my arm, lay his head on my lap, he watched me cry and breakdown, but he never judged me.  Then in March 2014 I lost my beautiful boy to cancer. Not able to cope with his loss I threw myself into gardening and my crafts once more; this time embroidery and sewing.   

Now, in 2015, I still suffer from depression here and there, and as always my partner and my crafting help me through these dark days.   I also have a new love, this time a little Rhodesian girlShe brings me so much joy and happiness.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.




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