Monday, November 24, 2008

My Rhodesian Boy nicknames!

I don't think I talk about my Rhodesian Ridgeback that much (ahem), however my work colleagues beg to differ. You see I don't have any kids, so my Rhodesian is my little boy and I love him to bits. I didn't think I talked about him that much though. Anyway today they asked if I had any nicknames for my boy and well yeah I do, quite a few to be honest, actually. So here we go:
Chev McWeave,
Smelly McJelly,
Honk McStonk,
Ping Pong Santa (just to get away from the Scottish theme that is going on haha)
Rhodesian Persons,
Orangey Worangey,
Fur Man,
Chicken Chonk,
Moany McMoany (he's a hound, very vocal)
The sad thing is he answers to all of these. I probably do have more and I am sure he has been called alot worse, especially when he has been misbehaving.

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