Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swap Partner Goodies!

I thoroughly enjoyed making and putting together these items. I did go abit over board and spent a bit more time and money on the items I sent, than I should have (only needed to send one knitted item and a minimum spend of £20.00.)
Flirtation Cozy In Peaches and Creme (Choc Mint). I chose this yarn for this particular project as it doesn't shed fibres, it is washable and will wear well. The cup is a dark blue plain glaze. This was filled with Cadburys Hot Chocolate Satchets , Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate.
Fancy Openwork Crocheted Scarf: In Rowan Summer Tweed (Damson) this was taken from a pattern sample and designed into a warm heavy open work scarf (just right for those mornings which have a nip in the air).
Tudora: In Rowan Denim (Blue) Beautiful Yarn to knit with and as the label reads fades just like jeans. So should age gracefully. I decided not to block this item as I thought it looked good as is. I used larger needles from the ball band to ensure it was abit roomier. Also means less shrinkage to the length when it is washed. Used my Retailers knowledge to judge where to place the button (average womens neck size ) then asked my sister to model (think she wanted it, had to prise it from her fingers haha) (I will make you one, I promise). Verdict: Not too tight and not too loose either. "Just right" as my sister said. I did decide to attach the button loosely though and added a round of yarn incase the button needed to be moved to make it tighter or looser (it's hard making for someone when you don't know them).
I also carried out a bit of stalking which resulted in this other gift being added to the parcel a Top Whorl Spindle and 200g of Corriedale Silver in Brown. The other items : Shortbread Petticoats, an enamelled bangle (very much like this one but in blue, very fashionable at the moment)
What does everyone think a hit or a miss? Would you like to receive a parcel like this in a swap? You just don't know if it is going to be a winner or a loser until you have sent it. Happy Swap everyone!

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