Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thank You! Wonderful Goodies- UK Swap!

I would like to say a huge Thankyou! to Scarlettina (Kaye) for my wonderful parcel that I picked up this morning (10.30am). I was quite intrigued to see what was in it as it weighed a tonne (but I had to get nails done first, then go to Tescos for shopping, then I was going to have lunch but I thought to hell with lunch, I had to open it -2.30pm) Look at all the goodies:
The goodies all locked away in a beautiful box (I wonder what is inside?)

The box was crammed full of goodies wrapped in lilac paper ohhh!! Exciting! "Okay, okay I'm opening them give me a minute."

Look at all the goodies, I have been well and truly spoiled. There is Chocolates a Magic Ballistic bath bomb from Lush and these, look below:

Beautiful Squirrel Gloves made in Sirdar Balmoral (wool,alpaca and silk) they are so beautiful. I am totally smitten with them. No one has made me anything like this. (Squirrel goes off to squeeze and stroke them!) I'm glad I didn't make them for myself as these are so much more special and they fit like a glove (Get it! :} ) Sorry the lighting is crap on the photo (it really doesn't do them justice) They are cream and purple, "beautiful" "Sorry I keep saying that, I 'm totally taken with them."
I also have Vanilla flavoured Coffee mmm which I will drink in my birdy mug! I also have some Cadburys Hot Chocolate (my favourite) and Galaxy Hot Chocolate (I'm dying to try this as I haven't had it before.)
Once again Thankyou Kaye! You have made me a very happy Squirrel :)

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  1. You are so welcome!

    My boys reckon that the galaxy hot chocolate is the best they've tried. The choccies are from a small local chocolatier, I think you have some of the new varieties, let me know what they're like.


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