Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Competition! My Blog is Nearly Three!

My little blog will soon celebrate it's birthday and to commemerate this event, I have decided to offer a competition with a prize of 100g handspun yarn. All you have to do to win the yarn is answer the questions below. All answers can be found on blog.

Date and Year my blog was created?
Name of my Website?
I have 5 Vases on my website, name them?
My Dogs breed?
My niece is named after the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin
. What is her name?
How many dolls have I made?
What did I make out of pipe cleaners?
What swap group do I belong to?
What kind of spinning wheel do I own?

Closing date for entries Sunday 21st June 2009. All the correct answers will be placed in a hat and the 1st name picked at random will win the yarn. Winner will be picked on Monday 22nd of June 2009.
Good Luck!


  1. Congratulations on your blog's birthday! I hope I got a few of these right:

    1) Thursday June 22, 2006
    2) Squirrel Glass Art
    3) Yellow Cartoon Flower Tank Vase, Violet Flower Flat Vase, Tiny Pink Flower Vase, Gold and red pretty flower vase, Christmas tree tank vase
    4) Rhodesian Ridgeback
    5) Madison
    6) Five? (If Santa and the Jelly Babies count and the fairy doesn't... I guess I'm not clear on the definition of doll)
    7) A fairy
    8) UK Swap
    9) Ashford Traveller Double Treadle

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  3. 1/ 22nd of June 2006
    2/ Squirrel Glass Art
    3/ Violet Flower Flat Vase, Yellow Cartoon Flower Tank Vase,Tiny Pink Flower vase,Gold and red pretty flower vase,Christmas tree tank vase.
    4/ A Rhodesian Ridgeback
    5/ Madison
    6/Baby Pearl and Felted doll.
    7/ A Fairy
    8/ UK Swap
    9/ Ashford Traveller

  4. 1/ 22nd June 2006
    2/squirrel glass art
    3/violet flowered flatvase,yellow cartoon flower tank vase,tiny pink flower vase,gold&red pretty flower vase,christmas tree tank vase.
    4/rhodesian ridgeback
    6/baby pearl plus felted doll
    7/a fairy
    8/uk swap
    9/ashford traveller spinning wheel


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