Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flower Lace Bolero

I have been working on my very first knitted top, big thing for me as I never thought I would have the patience or the will power to see it through to the end. So today I treated myself to some chocolate (celebration), as the top was finished last night yeah!
I have included some progress pictures, so please don't think the first one is the finished product as it's naff haha!

The white threads are safety lines incase I made a mistake. Really didn't fancy ripping it out and starting again.

The white safety lines are now gone and sleeves have been added (notice the flower cuff has been added, pretty)

The floral trim has been added to the neckline and around the edging of the Bolero.

Close up of the floral detail.


  1. I'm still waiting to see this on ! :p

    Oh and one more thing, I hope the first set of 'YetiMan' socks get their own we dedication on this here blog of yours Squirrel ! x

  2. Hey, I'm not Squirrel, lol !! :D


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