Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My WIPs and I in Hibernation!

Currently I've been slowed down by depression, this is my 3rd serious run in with this illness in the past couple of years (since 2008 to be precise). My knitting is usually my Saviour and way of controlling or working through this illness, so much so that I have a frenzy of knitting and turn out loads of beautiful items, and at other times I knit much less or not at all. Oddly, this time – I can’t concentrate on knitting and I’m lucky if I am able to finish a single sock. I have tried to reassure myself that my knitting mojo will return in time and just to go with it. Very frustrating.

I think my sister is trying to help, she has just phoned to ask if I could crochet a blanket for my little nephew Kody (his original blanket has seen it's day and is going to it's blanket maker in the sky). I have to reassure myself that crocheting isn't really cheating on my knitting, it's just the first step to recovery- yeah right!

This is the pattern I am thinking of for Kody 'The V-Stitch Blankie by Lion Brand". In Robin Bonny Babe in Powder.

I have managed to knit a couple of repeats of this pattern: Falling Birch Leaves by Linda Choo (yarn is Knitpicks shimmer, in colourwave Teal) it's only been on the needles since September 2009, "sigh"

and this has come out of hiding, I'm thinking about the second one. Only thinking mind! (on needles since November 2009) Hunters' Socks by Freshisle Fibers knitted in yarn, gifted to me by Dawn.

And the second one finished and being modelled by my O/H.

Time for a cup of tea me thinks and a biscuit :)


  1. November 2009 ??! Six moths later and I'm still waitin on ma other sock to finish the pair...

  2. Just chop one of your feet off and you can wear it hahaha.


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