Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ladybug (bird) Picnic Mittens!

Ladybird (bug ) Picnic Mittens by Elinor Brown.
Knitted in Rowan Pure wool 4ply. (Avocado, Red and Black)

 I just love these, I have a real thing for Ladybirds . My mum once caught me in the garden covered in them, they were crawling all over my hands and arms,  loved it, my mum didn't really see the fascination for it .  Even now if I see a Ladybird and I think it's in danger of being squished, I will save it's life . When my mum noticed what I was knitting she nearly fell off the couch laughing, she can't believe at the age of 38 and 3/4 I still have this obsession with ladybirds. I haven't got the heart to tell her if I could find adult wellies in a ladybird design I would wear them Oh! and a mac to match.

I just love the twisty cord around the cuff and the picot edge. These where really fun to make and I would definately make them again. The Ladybird is supposed to have 6 spots but it was too busy for the mits and you lost the effect so I ended up unpicking the sewing of the dots and went for a 2 dot ladybird instead.Think it was just my knitting that made it look too busy.

p.s. please don't look at what I'm wearing in the 2nd photo. It doesn't match purple and white polka dot pyjamas with orange Holland hoodie mmmm! lovely hahaha!

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