Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorry... I Forgot!

 He's gorgeous, he will make you laugh, then kick you in the shins and run away... be warned haha!

Ages and ages and ages ago, well a couple of months to be exact.  I crocheted a new blanket for my nephew Kody.  If you can remember his old one was going to blanket heaven in the sky (got to bribe the kid somehow). I would show you pictures of the old blanket, but you may cry with laughter ( if you look closely it has sneaked into the picture above).  The blanket was very much loved and carried everywhere, so much so that 1 blanket eventually became 2 and then eventually 3 and still the little guy insisted on carrying it around.  That is until- the new blankie came along

V-Stitch Blankie #70118AD by Lion Brand Yarn

He calls it his special blankey (bless!)

And it's only for special occasions i.e. bedtime and when he's feeling ill, not too keen on the feeling ill part but very pleased with, it's special enough to cuddle up to and fall asleep. That's when he's not trying to grab the camera of his auntie to shove it in his mouth.

Love you Kodster,  enjoy the blanket! xx

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  1. Very cute!! Aren't they just so precious?


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