Sunday, May 23, 2010

Over The Rainbow!

 Absolutely amazing show, a real pleasure to watch each week.  Loved the glamour and the choice of songs  and yes I did shed a tear when the girl I favoured was voted out. I would sit on tender hooks wondering what was going to happen on the Sunday, who would stay and who would go.  To see all the girls progress throughout their time on the show, feel their joy or sorrow at the judges constructive criticism , watching their talent blossoming was awe inspiring.  I will miss this programme each week but do you know what my O/H and I have agreed to purchase tickets to come and see the show, I can't wait. squeeeeeeeee!!

Congratulations to Danielle and Sophie for getting into the final (just between you and me, I voted for you both in the semi final). I jumped off the sofa (sad, I know) when the two of you got through to the end. I think the both of you are truly amazing and I could never have made the decision as to who should be the winner, as in my eyes the two of you are.  Sophie I will definately be watching out to see what shows you appear in and Danielle break a leg girl, it's bad luck to say the other one (I can't get the song out of my head 76 trombones traaaa laalaaalaaa!).  Your families should be very proud of you both. All the best!

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