Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bugs and Flowers Swap!

Hooray!  I have just received word that this little swap parcel has reached its destination.  It is now safely in the hands of the recipient.   It had to wing it's way to Turkey, I'm so glad it has arrived! Why? Cause I put a lot of work into it hahaha!

Let's have a look at the goodies. First up a little ladybird tape measure.  This is my own pattern and was a bit of an experiment (I'm very pleased with the results). Crocheted in black and red cotton.

The wings kept moving, hence the pins. They stopped me using a  few bad words while trying to make them sit. :0
I'm not a very patient person at the moment! : p

A little ladybird with her spots i.e. buttons.  I decided on a two spot ladybird.  I believe she is native to the U.K.

Look she works!  She reassured me it wasn't sore when I pulled her antenna to reveal the tape measure.

Now for the Ladybird home!

Under Construction!

The inside of the ladybirds home i.e. box bag.

Little label, so the  ladybird knows it's her home

Shaping the bag

The outside

Hey!  I think she likes her new home.

Ooooww! She's gone inside

Have a safe journey, little one, bye!

That was fun! What can I make next? Watch this space.


  1. She is FABULOUS!!! I hope her new owner loves her. May I suggest that your next project could be to make one for yourself?! ;)

  2. She was adorable. I am sure her new owner will love her.... too cute.....
    Thanks for giving me something to smile about... life is great!


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