Sunday, June 20, 2010

Years Gone By!

Last week my mum and I decided to visit my mum's sister, my aunt.  She had just turned 60 a couple of days beforehand, and we were very much laden with gifts.  Anyhoo after copious amounts of birthday cake and cups of tea, my mum asked to see one of the old photo albums.  Cue a lot of laughing and a huge trip down memory lane.
This is what we found in the album:
My brother and I. I'm 2 in this photo. Mum says I was very mean to him, seemingly I was jealous that he was around hahaha!

Little Squirrel with  Paddington Bear T-shirt aged between 5 or 6.

With my partner in crime, Shep the dog, he wouldn't let anyone near me(even my siblings) he was really protective. We grew up together, he was bought as a puppy 6 months after I was born.

My little sister (she was a bit of a tomboy, sssshhhhh don't tell anyone.)

My Grandad (or Papa as we called him) with my Aunt Mary on the left and holding my mum.

My Aunt who celebrated her 60th

My siblings and I. Just look at the size of the Rolo packet my sister is holding, it's huge.
From left to right my brother Mark, Me, holding my baby brother Jason and my little sister Amanda.

My Nana and I.  I'm about 8 months old in this picture

My Nana and Aunt Margaret

My mum and sister

Me striking a pose

My young aunt, she was just 10 years older than me. With my Uncle Alec, who I lost at the age of 6.

Melody the dog, (she used to steal tea from your cup if you laid it down. and me), think I'm aged 8.

my Aunt Margaret, Nana and Aunt Alison

Hope I didn't bore everyone too much.  I had real fun looking through these photos, a real trip to the past.


  1. Loved looking at your pics! My mom tells me we also had a dog like your Shep. He once saved me from getting hit by a car when he bit the back of my diaper and wouldn't let me go into the street. He also slept under my crib...good dog!!:=)
    Glad you had such an enjoyable visit with your aunt!

  2. Your photos are fab, I've loved looking at them. They're not boring at all! It makes me want to go over to my Mums' and trail all the old photos out! :)


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