Friday, July 30, 2010


I do wholeheartedly apologise to you little blog, for the lack of photos and posts over the past month.  I have had no laptop for 23 days. It comes home for one day and has to be sent back (very cross!!!). It has a new mother board, but Technical Support forgot to synchronize the sound card with the new mother board (they call themselves professionals).
I have managed to steal a few seconds on my O/Hs laptop, while he is sleep lol.  I just have to fathom out how to send pictures to the new system, hahaha. So fear not little blog, you will have loads of  new photos of lovely projects (that I have been knitting since I have had no laptop) coming soon.
For everyone who reads my blog.  I  have a big announcement to make within the next week.Oooohhhhh! Squee!  Very exciting.
Love Squirrel xx

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  1. Arrrggghhh to technology!!! It's so frustrating when it does do what it's supposed to. But the lack of facilities to faff about on Ravelry and Phoenix means more knitting time - I could do with that myself! I'm intrigued by the big announcement - I'll stay tuned...


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