Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Gift Preview LAUNCH MOVED!

Website Launch Moved to 29/11/2010, 8 pm Launch! 

This is due to a few issues with the new website. I have contacted the host company, and they are looking into it and will be working over the weekend to iron the issues out. They have promised the website will be ready for Monday morning. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, very stressful but I would rather everything was perfect-ish with no glitches. Once it's working it will be amazing.

I designed these cases with only the finest fabrics and threads.
Each Case has 7-9 pockets and plenty of room, they also fold over the needles, so they won't slip out. Each roll fastens up, and ties with a ribbon, Ribbon colour may vary.

Each one is unique, as I have created each one by hand with lots of love. They will grace your knitting bag, and you will receive many compliments as well as "Where did you find that case?" at your next knitting/crochet group.


The pyramid bags, are available in small, medium, large, the smallest will hold stitch markers, sewing needles and other haberdashery items

There is also box bags, most are available in the fabric used for the needle roll. They also come in small, medium, large. The largest will hold sock needles and 100g of yarn.

Sorry if the preview is a little bit late....the joys of a particular uploader we shall not name lol.

So,  here I am, finally at the starting line. I'm such a hoarder I would love to keep all of them but because I 'm such a perfectionist that's the statement that will assure you that these items are of genuine quality.  Thank you for looking, shop launch tomorrow at 4 pm.  I hope you find something you like and in keeping with my perfectionist traits all items will be beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper.

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