Friday, November 05, 2010

Researching the therapeutic benefits of knitting, crocheting and cross stitch!

Today I submitted My Story to Stitchlinks xxx  
Researching the therapeutic benefits of knitting, crocheting and cross stitch!

They're research: (extract from Stitchlinks website)
"There is no doubt that developing an interest or hobby is good for you. It gives you a point of focus which is outside yourself. This can divert the brain’s attention away from issues such as chronic pain, worries, stresses and depression. Without such a distraction the brain can easily focus all its attention on problems, such as pain, and this focusing inwards can soon form destructive cycles of downward spiralling thoughts which become difficult to break.
When we first began researching the therapeutic benefits of knitting and cross stitching, our initial thoughts were that they could provide an effective way of ‘occupying’ people from the arm chair or hospital bed which could be deliverable in kit form.
As our investigation of narratives progressed, however, the benefits appeared to go a lot deeper with possible physiological, neurological, psychological, behavioural and social changes."

This is my story!

This story is going to sound so blunt, but I don't know any other way to write it.
I am a survivor of Child Sex Abuse, and I have suffered depression all my life because of it.

In 2006, aged 35, my niece was born and to protect her from my dad, my sister, and I decided to go to the Police. We had to end the nightmare we were living under and to protect the innocent little one from the abuse we had suffered as children. It was around this time I started knitting again. I was taught as a child at the age of 5 by my mum.
We had to wait 2 years before our case was heard at the High Court and throughout that time my knitting became my friend and my release. Eventually, my dad was sentenced to 8 years in prison, I thought my nightmare was over, or rather I put on a brave face to the world, friends and family around me. Then in December 2009, I broke down, I couldn't carry on my normal life. I was reliving the abuse I had suffered over and over again. My head just couldn't set it free. I cried all the time, suffered panic attacks – it became the norm.
I was signed off from work in January 2010 with depression. Then in June 2010, I met a psychotherapist who diagnosed me as suffering from Trauma. After only one visit, it may sound strange, but I felt a huge weight lifting from my shoulders. The relief of finally finding out what was wrong with me and finally realising I could be helped. It is now November 2010, I'm still in therapy, my friend (knitting) has never left my side. It has kept me sane, it has calmed me down and each stitch helps me forget. It stops my mind from racing, in fact when I pick up my needles and yarn, it feels like my old friend is giving me a hug. I love my knitting.


  1. Not blunt at all Shirley and you and your sister were very brave to come forward! I'm glad you are getting help and love the way you describe your a hug from an old friend. How true! How is your sister doing? Well, I hope.

  2. Hi KnitNurd!
    As children my sister and I were forever at each others Through all of this, the bond has become so strong. I don't think we will ever exchange a cruel word again. We seem to be healing each other, even though we have never shared what happened to us as children. It's taken a long time but we are getting there, slowly but surely. Shirley x


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