Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Past (2010)

This is my new decoration. I have found myself staring at it and wondering what it would be like to live in it. Lol!
Well, Christmas seems like weeks ago, but I still need to write a blog post about this year’s holiday – if for no other reason than knowing that I will want to go back and read about it next year.

On Christmas Eve, Paul and I finished our food shopping, then we had our usual scurrying around trying to wrap each others presents-without the other seeing. I then made and decorated my traditional cookies, which I promptly wrapped before the cookie monster i.e. Paul, stole them. There were a lot of cookies this year.

Christmas morning, with my sister, niece, nephews, Paul and my mum.

My mum and sister exchanging photos on their mobiles, of the kids unwrapping their presents.

Sister and Kody looking at photos

Cool dude Kody with his Yoda t-shirt

My sister's dog Summer getting into the Christmas fun.

My Christmas gifts from Paul (mmm! I mean Santa)


I was good this year, loads of cool pressies. Audio Chi headphones (cool pressie, cool sound), Fossil watch, a Musical box loaded with Shortbread, Highland Soldier tin-with more Shortbread, Russian Nesting Doll, Knitting Nancy, DVD of Scrooge with Jim Carey, a Gruffalo, Fatface bag, scarf, hat and Hoodie. My super cool Merrle boots. I was a super spoiled Squirrel this year :D

More pressies from a knitting swap. These are from Knittingpat on

 Swap Pressie from Princess, again from the above group.

Snuggly gloves for my sister. Knotty-gloves by Julia Mueller.

I had a lovely Christmas this year, surrounded by my wonderful family, who I love very much.  xx


  1. I hope your new year is just as fabulous!!!

  2. Thank you Knitnurd. Happy New Year to you and your family too. xx


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