Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Too Scared To Look!

Armed with a tape measure and shaky hands I decided I needed to see after 6 days if I had lost anything, from my wobbly bits. Standing half naked in the living room with a tape measure in hand, notepad and pen lying on the sofa I started measuring. I was too scared to look at the tape measure, pinched at a number between my hands, quick peek, standing in disbelieve and denial at what I was seeing. So I measured myself a 2nd and 3rd time just to be sure, yip the numbers were correct. I had lost 4cm off my hips, 2cm off my waist, 4cm off my arms and a whopping 6cm from under my bust, the only downer, I hadn't lost anything off my thighs = ( but heho, it's my upper body I need to lose weight from and after 6 days, I feel it's a good start. = D
Wonder what my weigh in will bring! 

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