Friday, January 07, 2011

Oh Dear..........

......what can the matter be? Poor wee Squirrel, is going on a diet-tee (sorry I had to try and make it rhyme lol).
Why! Oh why! Do I make New Year Resolutions because now I have to stick to them. Yes, yesterday I decided to take the plunge and joined Weightwatchers online, aaaargh! I have to admit, the diet does actually work, I lost 2 stone in 2001 but then I put it back on again a few years ago, sigh! So, I'm now a little lighter in the bank balance area, hopefully in a few months time I will be alot lighter around my body area. My O/H's reply "yes, I will soon be able to chuck you over my shoulder". Hmmmm! "caveman" springs to mind. Then again maybe he is thinking of proposing if I lose alot of weight, perhaps my first thought is more accurate :D

So to motivate me, I have decided on a weightloss ticker:

This is me, running in the park, losing loads of weight. Fingers crossed and oh! skinny clothes here I come.

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