Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love when I hear the postie pushing, rustling parcels through my letterbox and they land on the floor with a thud.  For one, I know for sure it's not a bill, or two, junk mail.  It's even better when you make it to the letter box, and there are two parcels teasing you to open them. Who am I to keep them waiting!  I already know what's inside them, no I'm not psychic, I've read the labels. Lol!

The first little parcel is from a swap I'm currently involved in, on the Pheonix Knitting Forum.  Everyone participating in the swap has to Knit (or crochet) 2 X 8" squares in the colour scheme of your partners choice. The squares are made up of DK weight yarn, then blocked to exactly 8" so it's easier when sewing them together.  Each month we send to a different person. The swap is ongoing each month of this year, by the end of the year, we will each have enough squares to make a friendship blanket for ourselves.  Which I think is very cool!

Following squares:  Made by Pinkshoes.

My first parcel, beautifully wrapped in pinkish red tissue and white ribbon.

First square. My colour scheme is Autumnal colours.

Second square.  My swapee has advised me there is grey in this square to represent the typical Central Scotland sky- which I have to add is very true.

We also send a postcard of where we live, to our partners, makes it more personal-well it is a friendship blanket you know.

My second parcel of squishiness is from the lovely Jon from Easy Knits.  Once again I am thrilled with the club selection

The yarn is called ember, a mixture of superwash merino and bamboo.

Also included in the parcel- Lush hand cream and a sock pattern.
I'm really in love with the colour of this yarn.  I would have to say- these are all my ideal colours rolled into one.
Well, I'm going to sign off now.  Think I might just sit, oohing and aagh ahhing, squidging and squeezing for the best part of the day. Bliss!!


  1. Beautiful yarn Squirrel!

  2. Beautiful yarn Squirrel!

  3. No need to repeat myself! Duh!

  4. Great colours in the yarn and it looks as if your blanket is off to a flying start. I'm eagerly awaiting my first squares too.


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