Thursday, January 27, 2011


Did I ever tell you that I have a fascination for lots of different wildlife and some insects!  Few of my favourite animals include sheep, highland cows, elephants, giraffes but my all time favourite apart from my dog -who is wild, ( I will tell you about that later) is the barn owl.  The barn owl is mysterious, and that's what fascinates me about these beautiful sharp featured birds. The barn owl is....

Elegant, calm, confident and truly stunning.  Quite Regal looking in a sense.

And powerful.

So what better way to celebrate my fascination for this beautiful creature- than to cast on a pair of mittens, not just any old mittens though, Owl Mittens by SpillyJame. I've decided I'm not going to make the full mitten but the fingerless type with just one owl on each hand.

I'm also a tad thrifty, the yarn on the left is the remainder of the skein I was using for Norie- mmm! Yes, I did finish it in one day, and it's blocking while we speak.  I will post photos of that tomorrow. Now back to the owls, the other yarn is Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in Cranberry, beautiful rich reds, delicious to knit with.

This is my progress so far:

I'm really enjoying this pattern and can't wait to finish them and show them off, oh! and did I tell you they're all for me, cause I'm selfish like that lol!

Oh nearly forgot the wild dog story.  My O/H and I had an appointment very early on yesterday morning, and we never have any problems about leaving the dog alone or giving him the run of the house.

This is the wild thing.

Anyway, we arrive home an hour later and just manage to open the door, and he flies out, nearly knocking us over, he's all panicky. We are then hit with this awful smell of gas that is overpowering the whole house.   I manage to calm the dog down by placing him in the back garden and leaving him there while my O/H investigates the cause of the gas leak.  There's no gas leak, my bad puppers has been trying to get at some food from the work top- now he hardly looks like he's starving- next to the cooker and somehow managed to hit and twist one of the knobs on the cooker to turn the gas on.  I dread to think what would have happened if we hadn't arrived home when we did and thank heavens we don't smoke, or there would be no house, O/H, me or dog.  Thankfully Chievs is ok and doesn't seem any the worst after his hair brain caper, we still have a house, and we are still alive. However, we will need to be more vigilant about leaving food around, and we will need to turn the gas off when we go out anywhere.  Wonder what mischief he will concoct up for next time!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - just read your gas story! How terrifying that must have been. Love the mittens by the way :)

  2. My dogs a little minx. I'm enjoying knitting the owl mittens I should be finished them in a couple of days. I have about 5 projects on the go at once. =D


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