Monday, February 28, 2011

Pay It Forward Competiton!

 The Competition is now closed I will be picking the winners and displaying the results before 9 pm.

Hi!  It's beautiful and sunny here today, still a bit on the nippy front and I'm still stunned at seeing my first short and t-shirt wearer of the year.  It's ((((February)))) put some more clothes on lol.  What is it they say "Ne'er cast a clout til Mays out"  i.e. don't cast any clothes off until May is out of the way. Anyway competition time:

I would like to say a big thank-you to Josiekitten for my Pay It Forward gift that I won after leaving a comment on her blog.
These are the wonderful gifts that were looking up at me when I opened the parcel.

Beautiful pink, lilac and white washcloth.  A chocolate sheep nom, nom, very yummy hic!!! Heart shaped soap that Josiekittens friend made it smells heavenly.

So now for my part in Paying It Forward.  

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a little gift is to leave me a comment between now and the 7th of March 2011 on this date. I'll randomly select three people to be winners! Go on -it's easy peasy, you could be a winner. xx

Off the Needles:

 I've managed to finish a couple of items during the month of February.  Knitting is very therapeutic and my constant companion.....keeps my fingers and hands out of mischief.
I'm not sure why most of them are toys it's not like I have a kid to knit for but hey-hoo!  I enjoyed making them. First up is:

Well Dressed Bunny 
by Barbara Prime

I just love this little guy to bits. He's knitted in Sirdar Double Knitting, his waistcoat is knit in Regia 4ply sock yarn.  His little jacket is knitted in Navy Merino yarn and topped off with a duck button.  Very dapper don't you think?
My mums in love with him, however, I can't bear to part with him,  so I'm going to make my mum the little girl wabbit version, she's very purty. Shhhhhhh! It's a surprise.

Bunny Blanket Buddy
Knit in Sirdar Calico, I doubled the strands while knitting to give this item more structure.  The yarn is lovely and soft just right for a little person to squidge and bite on.  I'm just not sure of its facial expression looks quite scary- might change it to a softer look =D

Owl Mittens

Lovely close up shot.

I love, love, love these. Even though they look a bit oddly coloured.  Knit in Easyknits Merino- Gunmetal and Zauberball- Cranberry.

February Blanket Squares by Mazzam

What I'm  listening to:

I'm now going to settle down next to the window, with my new Crochet Today Magazine, a cup of tea, my iPod and my knitting.  Have a lovely day everyone, speak to you soon.


  1. I'm glad you liked you Pay it Forward gifts! It was fun to do! I love your owl colourwork mittens - such a clever idea to use a Zauberball as one of the yarns! Your knitting is so even!
    PS - Don't include me in the draw for the PIF prizes!!

  2. What amazing owl mittens - they are fantastic

  3. I was in Tescos on Sunday a saw a man wearing knee-length shorts and flip-flops!! I thought "I hope he gets the weather he's expecting!"

    The wee bunny is gorgeous, and I love the owl mittens, they're fantastic!

  4. Your Well Dressed Bunny is adorable and certainly is well dressed! I love your mitts too...they are really lovely...

  5. Love the bunny he's so cute. I would love to be included for the pay it forward gift, thanks so much. x

  6. What lovely knitting. The mittens are wonderful great colours.My blog is sadly neglected at the moment.

  7. I love your knitting. The bunny is just too cute for words. Pay it forward is a great idea.

  8. Love your owl mitts, and your wee bunny is cute. Would love to be included in the PIF draw but if I was picked I wouldn't be able to get back to you for a while. As from tomorrow I will be in a place without internet :-(

  9. So far we have:

    1/ Madmum
    2/ Ozzy Blackbeard
    3/ Darkest Knits
    4/ Mouse
    5/ Mazzam Again
    6/ Catlady
    7/ Janice
    8/ Dawn (the post above)

    So on and so on if new people post.
    I will use a random number generator to pick the winners.

    Shirley xx


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