Monday, March 14, 2011

Famous People I have Something In Common With!

Amanda Holden,  Corey Feldman,  Dani Behr,  David Tennant,  Mark Wahlberg,  Michael C Hall, Penny Lancaster,  Scott Maslen,  Tess Daly,  Tom Ward and Winona Ryder.

All these poor sods and I have something in common! We all turn or have turned the big 4-0 this year.  Mines is but a month away today and to say I'm crapping myself is an understatement. Why? Well birthdays as you get older, don't retain their ability to dazzle like they do when you are young!  I don’t feel that old. People tell me I don’t look that old.  But there isn't the same spark of excitement that I felt when I turned 5, 13 or 21,  I wonder hopefully I won't feel any pain when I move into my 40's. As my mum said to me today, you're still my little girl and I replied  "Do you know something mum?  I still feel 5" and then there's my other half who constantly tells me to grow up.
why…?  Also at the tender age of  13,  I thought anyone older than 30 was passed it. Funny how my outlook has changed for that statement.  I didn't feel any different when I moved from my 20's into my 30's, so

Somehow I don't think I ever will! 
Squirrel xx


  1. Don't you worry about 40 Squirrel! Wait till you get to the dark side of 50 x

  2. I have a theory on birthdays - you can't avoid them, so you may as well make the most of them!! And since this is a big one, it's a great reason to do or buy something that you've always wanted to do or buy (within reason!).

    I'm a twin, and my sister ruined our 25th birthday because she decided 25 was ancient, and all she did was moan. So have a lovely birthday when it comes around, and maybe the Birthday Fairy will bring you David Tennant! Mmmm... ;)


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