Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing Post!

   Naughty blogger!

Well this is, exciting isn't it....... I thought I'd actually broken my blog when it crashed and my post disappeared =D but it seems it was just a maintenance glitch. And it had to happen on the very day, I launch new stock for my website, Folksy store and a competition to boot.  Oh! well not the end of the world.

With regards to the missing post and competition-well, I'm going to give blogger to the end of tonight to see if it re-appears.  If it doesn't (ever the pessimist) I will re-post in the morning (9am GMT).  I have already contacted the three guests who submitted there suggestions, so they don't miss out.

So all we have to do is prod blogger with a big stick and watch this space-the post will reappear, it will, it will. Lol

Shirley xx

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