Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big Baby & Blog Competition

Only a couple of days left to enter my competition.
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Hi folks, hope you are well!

This week I haven't been able to survive without my knitting firmly by my side.  I find when I'm feeling vexed, crafting is my only source of release from my worries,  that and watching movies while I  knit.  

So I opted for and watched Toy story 3


It's only the third time I've watched this film. Nevertheless,  it now holds a special place in my heart.  Today while watching it Paul announced my little nephew Kody looks like Big Baby. Lol!  I love the Big Baby character, can't say why, I'm not sure if it's the name,  the way its face looks, or the blinky eyes. I had a blinky eyed doll when I was little, and I'm sure one of the dolls eyes ended up like Big Babies. Anyway,  the character just makes me all fuzzy and smiley inside.

Big Baby

So when I told  Kody he looked like Big Baby,  he replied: "I don't like big baby, it's scary". Lol!  Bless.

The film then prompted a huge discussion between my sister, oldest nephew and I.  My oldest nephew Curtis,  confessed that he thought it was the end for the toys, the furnace scene,  he said he felt very sad at the thought of them all melting and perishing.   Wow! That's a lot of emotion for someone who will be nearly  16 in October. Hahaha!  But to be fair he grew up with Toy Story, so we'll let him off.   My sister, on the other hand, is just embarrassing.  She cried at the end of the film when Andy gave his toys away.  I shouldn't be surprised at this,  she was inconsolable watching Watership Down when the rabbit dies at the end. *sigh* there's no hope for her. Ha Ha Ha!

Oh! and my all time favourite film is Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Gary Oldman.  I love the costumes, the music, the scenes, the colours and I also have a secret crush on the Gary Oldman character Prince Vlad.  It's a film I will never, ever,  tire of.  This was watched after Toy Story 3.

So the film was watched to stop me procrastinating. I'm in the middle of deciding a life change, and it has resulted in me jumping into not just one new knitting or hooking project but 5 altogether.  Yes, I'm afraid  I've entered the dark side, will I ever finish these projects or are they destined to live as WIP's for the rest of their lives. Lol!     

Sunshine Cardigan
Anais Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves  
Hunters Socks
Manly Socks
Hawaiian Flower Blanket

I'm fairly flying through my Sunshine Cardigan.  I'm now on the sleeves. Won't be long till I'm finished.

I've also started this:
Anais Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves

I'm loving this knit, and the pattern repeat is very easy to memorise.  Should have this finished in a couple of days the rate I'm going at.

I've decided to knit this in the large size to accommodate my ample bust.  I'm using  Sirdar Calico instead of Rowan milk cotton.  For one I had the Sirdar yarn in my stash and two the Rowan yarn isn't.   Also, I really can't afford a splurge at the moment,  as pennies are tight.  = (

Hunters' Socks

What else have I been up to?  Oh yes!  Paul celebrated his summer birthday yesterday.  His original birth date is in January, but as it's so close to Christmas and the weather is usually miserable, we decided to move his celebration to Junuary.  I made these:

Hunters Socks

These are made in undyed alpaca yarn from a lovely lady in America, Dawn is her name, and she kindly sent me a load of goodies for making her socks.  I have a dark chocolate version of the yarn and a cream version too and tonnes of it.  This yarn is so soft, very cosy but not sock weight.  So the Hunters' pattern is ideal for this project as it asks for worsted weight yarn.    Now to any normal human being these would just be too hot to wear in summer and probably more suited to January instead of Junuary but not Paul.  He wears 2 pairs of socks everyday-not sure why and I've never asked- just a strange boy thing I suppose.

Hawaiian Flowers

My mums birthday is also this month, next week to be precise and keeping with my thrifty theme I decided to make Hawaiian Flowers by Sarah London.   This pattern has been in my queue forever but I just never got round to making it until now.  Doesn't look much, when you see the picture above.  I made 14  flowers of each colour, think there are 5 colours in total.  Paul thought I had lost the plot- I just kept churning these little guys out.  Then he saw this:

I still have to block it.  It's not a normal sized blanket but a leg cosy- for when you're sitting in a chair.  My mum mentioned she normally snoozes in her chair when she finishes work and that her legs become very cold, hence the blanket.

I really do hope my mum likes this as I've  poured a lot of work into. I will also be very sad to see it go as I'm in love with it.   Paul, on the other hand, hates crochet- he says it's granny-ish- stopid boy.   Hahahaha!

I'm also loving the weather we've been having.  Two whole days of sunshine, keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow and the day after will be the same.  Love hanging out my washing when the weather is this hot.  My mum laughs as I'm just as anal as her at hanging out my washing.  Underwear goes on one section of the line with one colour of pegs, tops on another section of the line with another colour and so on and so on.  I hate when Paul hangs the washing out as he hangs the tops the wrong way and I twitch until it's sorted.  I also always wipe the line before putting out my stuff,  I never leave my washing out over night and never leave the pegs out on the line-my sister does this, and I had to tell her off.   I sound like a nutter.  I also like to smell the washing while I fold it (not the underwear though, that's just pervy).

 Folksy Shop Update

Other news:  I have more pattern keepers in my Folksy store and website and also different fabric designed bags.  The pyramid bags are going down a treat and have sold quite a few since placing them in my store.  Will try to publish some of the lovely comments I've received from customers in my next post.


I've just noticed my blogoversary is coming up soon.  My little blog is 5 years old in 3 days time (I know, what on earth have I been gibbering about all these years) and to celebrate  I'm giving these goodies away:

A Russian Doll Pyramid bag,  Brittany Straight Knitting Needles, Set of Bamboo DPN's , 2 pattern keepers and 100g/333m  of Merino Tencel in Raspberry by Krafty Koala.

To be in with a chance of winning all these goodies.  Just leave a comment.   I will ask Paul to randomly select and announce the winner on the 3rd of July at 7 pm.

Shirley xx


  1. Hi, i would love to enter your blog competition :0) you have fab items in your shop, keep up the good work. x

  2. You've been a busy lady squirrel! Love reading everything you've been doing. Hopefully you're mom appreciates the lapghan (lap afghan hehe) and poo on Paul for hating crochet!!

    Please add me to your competition draw :)

  3. Congratulations on your blogaversary. I would love to enter the draw.
    (another) Shirley

  4. I love the knitting you're been doing!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  5. Well I got chosen the last time you had a comp but the prize was so lovely I'm entering again!! Plus this time it is purely luck so who knows...maybe I'll be extra lucky!

  6. Love reading your blog and would love to be entered for the competition xxx Kirsty AKA dippydappyblonde xxx


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