Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raspberry Fools!

Hi everyone hope you are all well.   Me,  I'm good, I think.......  Okay perhaps feeling a wee bit bogged down with the world just now.  I just wish I could stick up two fingers to the horrible rude people that I encounter now and again in my life (but I'm too nice a person for that).  You know the type, the ones that like to chuck not just spanners in the works but the whole tool bag,  hammer and all. 

Me blowing a raspberry to the rude fools of the world!
It just never fails to amaze me how ignorant and selfish some people can be.  I was taught as a child to always respect other peoples feelings,  to say please and thank you.  Nowadays, you're more likely to have a  door swung in your face or worse someone deliberately walking  through  you to the point you nearly fall over,  then they announce you fell -hello,  I wasn't aware I was capable of stealth mode.  Deep breathe,  aahhhhhh!   Karma- just keep thinking, karma. Lol!

Having a go 

At Cross Stitch.  People who knit,  will tell you they also dabble in other crafts.  I'm afraid I'm no  exception to this rule.  I will try my hand at any craft.  I embroider, sew, dress make, crochet, knit, draw, weave, spin and now I have added Cross Stitch.
The Daffodil
The Daisy

My favourite The Poppy
 They are worked on 14 count Aida and come with all the supplies (thread, aida, card surround, envelopes and chart) you need to recreate the little flowers.  They can be found in this magazine here.  These little samples are just right for someone starting off Cross Stitch as a lot of counting is involved.  And having a brain like a giant sieve at the moment,  these turned out to be just right for my attention span.  Hopefully by Christmas I will have progressed onto something more spectacular but then again, maybe I will have found a new craft to occupy me.

On the knitting front, new knitting books:
Rowan Limited Edition Members Book
 Very beautiful book.  Loads of info about the designers through the years and gorgeous patterns too. It's to celebrate the 50th edition of the Rowan Knitting Magazine, and gifted to  members.  It's a hardback and not available to purchase anywhere!
Rowan Limited Edition Book
 This also came through the door the other day too.

Little Red in the city by Ysolda Teague
 I'm really spoilt for choice and not sure what to make first.  Quite a hefty book ,  264 pages.  Contains section on Yarn Selection, swatching, measurements, sizing, fits, blocking, cast on, short row methods, buttonholes, using patterns, abbreviations  and 7 patterns.  My favourite is Angostura, Lauriel and Skelf.

OTN- Off The Needles
Not a finished product.  I'm talking quite literally,  off the needles,  as in frogged  =(

Yes,  I've been bad and I'm sure I'm going to regret it later.  My Sunshine Cardi  has been sitting in a corner waiting for me to finish it's collar, for over a month.  I was loving this knit at the beginning but as times gone on, well..... To be honest I just don't think it's me.  Don't get me wrong it's a lovely pattern, however everytime I looked at it,  I just couldn't face finishing it.  I'm not sure if it's the colour or me procrastinating over my body image and not feeling quite right within myself,  I've put a lot of weight on during therapy and it's dragging me down.    Anyway,  I've only gone and frogged all of  my lovely work, I know.... I know.... I'm trying to look on the bright side.  What would I rather have,  loads of lovely yarn for a new project or an article that just sits in the corner gathering dust.  So I voted for loads of lovely yarn.

Anais waiting to be blocked.

It's not all doom and gloom though.  I've finished the sleeves on my Anais Cardi,  I couldn't wait to see what it looked like, so I laid it out on the bed,  piece by piece.  I'm so excited, I can't wait to block it, attach the shoulders and start on the neck band.  It looks gorgeous and I know I'm going to get loads of wear out of it.
Very Pretty.
OTN- On The Needles

I have also found a new project for the recently deceased Sunshine Cardi yarn, well.... that didn't take me long did it.  Lol.
Shimmer by Kim Hargreaves

Rowan Calmer
On Knit Pro Needles
It's another Kim Hargreaves knit called Shimmer .  Easy pattern  to remember as it's a 4  row repeat, with alot of yarn overs and knit 2 togethers to give a lace affect. Which in turn helps the garment to knit up quite quickly.              

 Knitting Swap

These are the squares for the month of July that Caloubear made for my Friendship blanket (the year long swap I mentioned previously in past posts) we should all accumulate twenty-four,  8x8 inch squares at the end of the year.  I'm also going to add my own squares in a variety of Autumnal colours, as  I want my blanket to be super huge,  for the winter. 

Loving These

I just had to show these off.  I have collected these kind of items for along time but never really shown them off.  I now have my mum hooked on them too.
I had to have the card, it has a squirrel in it =P
The little Goth mirror is my favourite item.

Gorjuss by Scottish freelance artist Suzanne Woolcott.  One day I hope to be a proud owner of an original piece of her artwork.
Comments that make me smile from ear to ear

The little bags and other bits and pieces I make,  have being going down a treat over at My Folksy Shop
The comments people leave really make my day.  I craft because it relaxes me and each item is made with genuine love.  Pauls role is kind of - quality control.  He scrutinizes the work I make and gives me honest feedback,  anything from- colour combinations to "theres a loose thread",  "that ribbon is twisted",  "I like that zip but not that one".  Off I go to tweak the not so right bits.  Doesn't happen very often but it's got to look good and feel right.  9 times out of 10 I get it right =D.

So here are a few of the comments that have made my day (I haven't included the peoples names, privacy and all that).

Comment : It's such a cute little bag, I LOVE it!

Comment : I adore this, thank you very much!

Comment : Absolutely perfect!!! Love the item and SO well made!!!

Comment : Lovely product, beautifully packaged.

Comment : thankyou Sun Rae this little bag is adorable. the amount of detail in the finishing touches is amazing, i love the tiny little button details on your label tucked away inside as a secret surprise. the size is just right to keep a 100g ball all neat and tidy whilst i'm knitting. x

Thank you to all my customers so far and hello to all the new ones to come.

On The Pod- please click the song titles.

                                                                 Black Sheep by Metric

                                                                    Daniel by Bat For Lashes

                                                              Tightrope by Janelle Monae

                                                                   Metronomy by The Look

I'm also listening to this but it makes me cry everytime I hear it: Max Richter -On the Nature of Daylight it's very emotional and very beautiful, the violin (what would life be like without music) makes me feel very teary.

Shirley xx


  1. Hello! I know exactly what you mean about rude people. At the weekend me and my sister's BF decided both our cars must have a secret cloaking device that we don't know about, because people kept pulling out infront of us! Grrr.

    Your cross stitch is lovely, I really like the daffodil. I tried cross stitch once, and I was quite pleased with it. I made a Winnie the Pooh bookmark, which I'm still using. It was a little set Mr BB bought me one Christmas. I must try and remember to put a photo on my blog.

    Love the Rowan book, very fancy! I got Little Red too, and I'm loving it.

    Well done on frogging the cardy. I always think if I'm not happy with a bit of knitting, then I won't use the FO. And TWO cardigans on the go at once! I don't think I've had two big things on the go together. They're both gorgeous. Good luck with the rest of them. :) Lynne

  2. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great, beautiful and creative,,


  3. Hi Ozzy, Yip the cloaking device, car thing really bugs me too. It's like you're totally invisible, so lets pull out in front of you. Oppps sorry where did you appear from. Mmmm.... I've been here all along, so open your b*&^$y eyes next time. Lol!

    The cross stitch is fun, I have a much bigger one planned for my mum. I've started it, however it needs a frame as it's quite big and clumsy.

    The Rowan book is lovely. I just wish they had the designers signatures in it. Then it would be extra special. As with Little Red, I haven't a clue what to start first. Perhaps I need to browse the book once more.

    Shirley xx

  4. The cross stitch cards are lovely -the mounts really set them off too. The Rowan book looks pretty good too. I am also a fan of the Gorjuss range.

  5. Thank you Shirley. I followed the Cross Stitch club link on your blog, (think that means you get points). These little flowers were so easy to do and very quick too.
    The Gorjuss range is beautiful, anytime I see the range in a store I just want to snap it all up =D
    Your dog in your avatar is so gorgeous. I love Airedales.


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