Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi, everyone!  Hope you are all swell =D

Well, I woke to a wonderful surprise on Wednesday.

 I am now the proud owner and one of forty winners to obtain a copy of Mollie Makes Issue 1.  I already have issue 2 & 3- I absolutely adore the magazine- but this issue is really like gold dust,  so I'm one very happy Squirrel.  I had thought of purchasing the magazine as a digital edition but, it's not really the same as having a magazine that you can thumb through at your leisure. Not very environmentally friendly, I know.

I've been busy on the crocheting front.  I fell in love with Inga's Hakelbeutel back in 2010 on Ravelry.

Inga's Hakelbeutel

  Mmm.....!  My queue of items on this site is quite extensive.  I'm going to have to live until at least a hundred to get through it.  Anyway back to the bag, I loved it so much that I decided to make my own.  I've gone for crochet flower squares for mine but still followed Inga's  formula for putting the bag together.  My bag is in Neapolitan-ish ice cream colours and made with Rowan Cotton.

My variation of Inga's Hakelbeutel

I would highly recommend creating this bag it's quick to make up, just needs a little patience to put together but it's so worth it.
Made with Rowan Cotton
I was going to sew the squares together, but in the end, I just used a running crochet stitch which has given the bag a raised detailed seam.  Not only does it look more professional but it keeps the squares from stretching when the bag is in use.

The bag is fully lined with an interior zip pocket and magnetic fastener
The interior of the bag is also fully lined.  I'm not going to tell you how much of a beep-beep (excuse the language) that was to sew in place, especially around the V section at the top of the bag. However there was no way I was giving up after cutting and making the letterbox zip pocket,  so I  persevered, and it paid off.  I will soon be strutting my stuff once I've attached the woven handles I bought for it.

FO -finished object!
Button Close-up

 I have finally finished my Anais.  She has been blocked, sewn together, tried on, buttons bought, buttons attached,  tried on again, stroked, ooohed and aahed over.   Yip! She's  stunning, and I love her.
She's stunning

another button close-up
It took me a couple of days to find the right buttons,  I had 4 in my button collection- Anais needs 10-  when I saw them I had no reservations about snapping up 6 more.

 Please don't ask me how these little guys ended up in my basket.  All I'm saying is my hand must have slipped, and they fell in at checkout. Honest! Wink, wink!

Squirrel Buttons, so cute!

Whats Next

I have a few potential new knits that I have my eye on.  Just don't know which one to start first as I love them all.

First up is Margate by Sarah Hatton.  I love this little shrug. However, some of the pictures I have seen on Ravelry it sits above the bust line,  I'm a busty girl,  so if I made this, I would have to lengthen the body, which is no problem. I love the pink colour but not sure if I have any in my stash.  So this is a maybe.

Margate by Sarah Hatton
Second up is Dapper by Marie Wallin.  I've only used bead work once or twice and loved it.  I'm not sure if this is a bit dressy for me.  I usually only wear jeans and trainers.  Then again maybe making this would put me back in touch with my feminine side. I also like the model's hair too.  I've been toying with having mine chopped into a bob for ages.  It's the same colour and thickness as the models in the picture,  then again, that could be construed as stalking,  wearing the same cardi and having the same hair do. Lol!  Think we should jump onto number three.
Dapper by Marie Wallin
Third up is another Marie Wallin design called Sedate.  It's not a very clear picture,  the bodice is plain with a lace sleeve.  I love this colour. However, I have just knitted Anais, and the colouring is very similar.

Sedate by Marie Wallin

Fourth and final design I like is Serene by Martin Storey.  I'm not keen on the colour, beige tends to wash me out. I am more of a jewel coloured person.  Ohhh!  I've just noticed someone on Rav has made this in black and red, which I like very much.  This could be the next one on the needles, peeps.  What do you think?

Friendship Blanket

The following squares are for the month of July and from Leg on the forum.

Beautifully wrapped, I was also thrifty and kept the ribbon

Dogman needs a hug 

My poor little boy hasn't been very well all week.  He has had a nasty tummy bug and not to go into too much detail, he's had stuff coming out either end.  He's had no energy, he's not even been moaning- which has been very strange,  as he's a hound.  He's only been able to drink water which is also odd as he's like a hoover normally.  So could everyone send him big hugs and tell him to get well soon.  He's my world, and I would be so lost without him.

My Mobile is Full of Silliness

I thought instead of talking about what's on my I Pod, I would tell you about the silliness on my phone.
I don't use my mobile very often, only for texting my mum, sister and Paul.  I don't even talk on it since developing a phobia of phones during my EMDR Therapy.  It's not just my mobile, any phone no matter who's calling I just can't face picking it up and saying hello.  Odd I know, hopefully, the CBT will sort this out.  Not being able to talk on the mobile doesn't stop me from adding silly stuff to it though.

Like wallpapers I change frequently:

Domokun he's friendly really

So Who Is Domokun?

He is a strange creature born from an egg.  He has a sawtoothed mouth that is locked wide. His body is bulky, but his heart is pure.  He likes to daydream and often finds himself in trouble for not paying attention. He is strong but gentle.  When he's in a bad mood, nervous or upset he breaks wind. Lol!
His only form of communication is by producing a low pitched noise which sounds like his name.
I love him he's cool.

I also like to add silly tunes, so if my phone does ring it makes me smile, even though I don't answer it.

In the form of Bod!

or Roobarb and Custard

Or my all time favourite The Flumps. Yes, I'm a seventies kid and proud of it.

Shirley xoxoxo


  1. Oh how I LOVE your bag!!! Definately worth all the trouble with the lining. I think I may just have got the hang of one crochet stitch! So maybe, one day, in the dim and distant future, I can make something as gorgeous. And as for the beeping, my sister and I use beep instead of swear words all the time, because if Mum heard us swearing, she'd kill us. ;)

    And I love all the stuff on your phone, especially Bod. Do you remember the episode of The Flumps where Baby Flump thought he'd caught the moon in a bucket of water? That was my favourite.

  2. I forgot to mention the buttons! The ones on your cardigan are lovely (as is the cardy!). The colours match perfectly. And it would have been rude not to buy the squirrel buttons if you ask me!


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