Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a week!

Thank Crunchy it's not just Friday but it's finally the weekend, what a week it's been.  I can't go into too much detail yet but let's just say it involved a trip to the Citizens Advice Bureau.  Never had to use their services before but I can tell you I will definitely be using them again in the future.  I left their offices full of confidence, I felt reassured and the biggest plus I have a contact who is more than willing to help me sort out my problems (yes plural).  I'm now able to sleep properly at night and eat a full meal without feeling I'm going to vomit everywhere.  More information to follow.


The Great British Bake off started..... ohhhh! A couple of weeks ago, I think.  Love this series,  the only drawback,  I want to bake  and bake.  Fine if you have a large family to feed but there's only Paul and the dog.  Does this stop me from messing up the kitchen with flour, eggs, sugar and what ever else I can fit in a bowl?  Not a chance, queue photos-

yummy cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes
Flower Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes decorated with green icing and sugar paste flowers.  I placed these into clear presentation bags and shared them with my family.  I couldn't have possibly eaten them all by myself.  Unlike the little treats below.

Strawberry Velvet Truffles
 These guys are so moreish and to be honest I didn't give very much away.  Yes I did eat more than my fair share and I'm not scared to admit it.  Lol!  Plus their a secret recipe, so I'm not going to share. Sorry!

Banana Loaf Mixture

Banana and Sultana Loaf

Brilliant recipe for using ripened bananas, easy and quick to make, very moist.  I have also substituted the raisins for sultanas (juicier) and I have also used chocolate buttons before too.  Loaf is very much a comfort food recipe, you know the type, shut the world out, put feet up with a tea/coffee in one hand and a huge slice/wedge in the other, bliss.

Chocolate Chip Muffins
And finally Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Sugar is added to the top of these before baking to give then a crunchier, crispier top.

Some Sewing

Margaret Sherry Cross Stitch

The Robin and the Mouse outline

A kiss
Christmas Card
 I don't know what has happened to my knitting mojo I haven't picked up the pins for weeks.  It seems to have flown straight out of the window, however cross stitch has appeared in it's place.  In the form of a freebie sewing kit by Margaret Sherry.  I was so obsessed with it that I managed to finish it in one day.  I only stopped for food  and toilet breaks and nothing much else.  Doesn't it look cute?  I've advised Paul if he wants to perhaps  buy me a small gift at anytime, then I would love another Margaret Sherry kit.  Don't think he was listening as I haven't received anything yet. Sigh!

Pyramid Bag Update

In my previous post I announced that I would be adding some new stock to my Folksy account.  After losing the battery to my camera and then the lead, I have now found both and stashed them in a safe place,  the update will now take place on Thursday evening (15/09/11) at 8pm GMT.


  1. Your baking looks deeeeelicious!! I love the cupcakes and their fancy buncases. I have been watching bits of The Bakeoff, and I'm not ashamed to admit it is mostly for the lovely Paul Hollywood. I am still completely hopeless at any form of cooking.

    I LOVE your cross-stitch, it's beautiful. I've started a little cross-stitch project myself, but I haven't got very far.

  2. Your cakes look amazing & very tasty - I've not done any baking for ages. Lost my baking mojo..!!! The X-stitch is very neat - well done. xx


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