Friday, February 03, 2012

Just Chillin!

I was cleaning up my inbox, as you do-well especially when it's sitting at 4986 posts- ahem and I came across some emails from my little sister which happened to have attachments to them.  Imagine how surprised I was when I found this adorable picture, my little nephew Kody and his kitten Felix.  As you can imagine this picture has been safely saved to my hard drive, pen drive and Blackberry so it never goes missing or forgotten about again.



  1. Terri (terdotty on rav)4:29 PM

    That is an adorable little scene! How lovely to discover it while clearing up! Gorgeous x

  2. Thank you Terri. I couldn't believe it when I clicked on the email, I lost everything when my computer was sick and you can't replace precious pictures like this. x


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