Monday, March 19, 2012

So busy!

Say hello to my little Leap Year nephew, Bailey. Don't be deceived by his cuteness he has his mummy wrapped round his little finger, and he's only a day old in this photo.  He had her up most of the night as he decided he only wanted two hours sleep, the rest of the time was spent exercising his lungs.  I know it's not funny but how can someone so small be so manipulative. My sister and her husband looked like wrecks when I visited. Lol!

A happy belated Mother's Day to all the yummy mummy's out there.  I was very busy yesterday and didn't have time to blog as I was spending the day with mum.  We decided to spend the day in Callander, wandering around the shops and just taking in the scenery.  We then jumped in the car and headed a little bit out of Callander to see the resident Highland cows, Hamish and his calf Honey.  Honey turned one in February, so she's still very young and what a greeting my mum and I received. This little one bounded around like a spring lamb and came running straight over to where my mum and I were standing.  This little one obviously likes the lime light and enjoys basking in it too.  I now regret not catching a photo on my camera.
It was a fantastic day full of giggles and silliness.  Whenever my mum and I are out if we see keyrings with names on we have a race to see who can find theirs first, this has become a kind of a ritual now.  My mum's name is Isabella, and well mines is Shirley not very common and not trendy at the mo so when we find one we have to buy it no matter how bad they look.This is mine:

Flicking through the pages of the keyring you'll never guess what animal is linked to my name, it just happens to be a squirrel.  I'm gobsmacked, this is just a nickname Paul thought suited me, as he thinks I look like a little squirrel lol.  My mum actually asked, "is that why your blogs named squirrel?"  Hahahaha!  I don't think my mum believed me when I said "no".  So suffice to say I had to buy it after finding this wee gem of info.

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  1. Bailey's lovely!!! I hope he starts sleeping a bit better, because that sounds like a total nightmare!

    I love your keyring! What a brilliant idea. And what a surprise that it links squirrels to Shirleys! I, very proudly, have a fridge magnet from Madame Tussards with my name spelt correctly on it. Most things with Lynne don't have an E at the end. Plus it's a big 70s name, so I don't see it too much.


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