Friday, July 13, 2012

Anyone for crochet?

I've been on holiday from college now for about three weeks, I could say I have been enjoying myself, but I would be lying. I've been ill for nearly two of the weeks with a terrible head cold, and then a week later when I thought I was recovering, I succumbed to strep throat. I'm now, touch wood, on the mend but have been left with sore sinuses and horrendous ear ringing.

The ear ringing is a mixture of fuzziness and someone randomly trying to play a tune on a Stylophone but failing miserably.  Anyone who hasn't heard of this toy, it was around in the 70's and was meant to be totally addictive and made famous by everyone's favourite paint-chucker i.e. Rolf Harris.  It's allegedly trying to make a comeback - the Stylophone that is.  I personally won't be buying one as I have my own built in version that plays 24-7. 
Doesn't the guy in this picture look like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory? Lol!
Love that programme.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Leonard ( how embarrassing is that).

So in an effort to cheer myself up, I have been making crochet squares, lots and lots of yummy squares, in a variety of different colours of Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania yarn.   In an attempt to cover my humongous sofa with them, I happened upon the shocking discovery that I'm  running out of yarn. Paul offered to purchase the yarn for me, but when I told him I could only get it from Germany, and it was going to cost £40's he quickly changed his mind.
Oh! Well, it was worth a try eh?


  1. Terri, terdotty on rav6:29 AM

    Your lovely crochet squares almost make me want to learn how to crochet! Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Fab colours for you throw....
    I've often thought of doing one but the amount of squares puts me off - LOL....

  3. Thank you Terri. You should give it ago. I just sat with 'The Crochet Stitch Bible' by Betty Barnden a crochet hook and some yarn going over and over the basic stitches until I had mastered them. I still refer to the bible if I go a bit off track and I'm still learning. I just love how quick and versatile crochet is :).

  4. Thank you Jo. My sofa currently has stacks of neat little piles of these squares covering it. At some point I will need to lie them out and think of the colour combinations I'm going to use. Will need a lot of space though. lol

  5. Before I'd even seen the paragraph below the last photo, I thought to myself "he looks like Sheldon"!! I love your Granny Squares. I dream of making a Granny Square blanket, but the thing that puts me off is sewing in all the ends. Hope you're feeling better, I have a bit of trouble with my sinuses too, and that ear ringing business is just really annoying.

    1. I nearly spat my tea over the computer screen, laughing, when I saw the picture of this guy Lynne, he really does look like Sheldon. I totally agree with sewing in the ends, I've now started doing them as I go along in preparation for joining it all together. I've been using a nasal spray since yesterday, just don't like when it runs down my throat though uughhh!


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