Sunday, July 29, 2012

New for summer!

What have I been up to this week?

Well, I've been busy in my craft area making tonnes and tonnes of new bags to sell in my Folksy and  Etsy shop.  There is a cord turquoise pyramid bag (my favourite), a strawberry and two new floral ones.
 Beautiful Meadow

Strawberry Fields

Daisy Chain

Plus squillions of pattern keepers in lovely new designs and one new needle case too.  Haven't I been busy?

Puss in Boots (magnetic) pattern keeper
Little Bird (magnetic) pattern keeper

Geisha (magnetic) pattern keeper

Flower (magnetic) pattern keeper

I've also started my Sweetheart cardigan, and   I have to say it's looking pretty good, pretty good.

 Neck detail (back)

I'm enjoying the way that it's knitting up in the yarn I've chosen (Rowan Calmer shade 495), although the yarn is now discontinued, cue,  a bit of a panic at the beginning of the week when I realised I was running out of yarn.  I was able to find some on sale at Cucumberpatch although not in the same dye lot, so I took a bit of a gamble and to be honest when it arrived I couldn't tell the difference,  it looks the same. 
Shoulder Stitches (join)

Look,  the coolest part is the sleeve seams.  I keep stopping to look at them as they are so neat and pretty.

Border Stitches

I think I'm going to enjoy wearing this cardi, and if it looks as good on me as it is on the needles I can see me making a second and maybe a third one. Yip, it's that good.

 Knitting Update
This is extremely difficult for me to confess, some of you may remember back in April I wrote a post with the title I'm an idiot about a large piece of knitting I had found stashed away and how I couldn't for the life of me remember what pattern it was from.  Well..... I was sitting the other night on Facebook, as you do,  and I saw a feed for Knitty, and I thought "Oooh www! They've got a new set of patterns, think I'll go take a look".  Half an hour into my browsing session I decided "wonder if they have anything good in their previous additions".  You all know what's coming next.  I'm sitting browse, browse, browse and then I stop dead and just stare at the screen, there staring back at me is the b*&^$y pattern I was using for the piece.  It was as though someone had switched a light bulb on in my head. "Oh yeah, I remember what pattern I was using now".   The pattern was Adeline by The agony doesn't end there though,  oh no! Cause just three days earlier, I frogged the piece of knitting to start something new.  I could've head butted the image I was so gutted.  So now when I knit something new, I bag the knitting with the pattern, so I won't end up in this sorry mess again.


  1. You have indeed been busy! I love all the things for your shop, the fabric patterns are gorgeous. I so get what you mean about the raglan increases on the sleeves, they look fantastic!! And I gasped at the Knitty pattern! What a shame!! :o

  2. Hi Lynne, my post was going to be three times the size of this, but I decided to cut it back and save some for another day lol. I'm enjoying my Sweetheart Cardigan so much just the sleeves to put on. I'm so gutted about the other pattern, but I suppose it wasn't meant to be. x


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