Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I'm just like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory!

I've been stressed since finishing up college at the end of June  and haven't actually been able to relax or enjoy my summer holidays for thinking about  my exam results.

My exam certificate

Well my anxiety and stress all ended today when I grabbed the letters from the postie and tore into the envelope like a women possessed, and there staring back at me was all straight A's.  I had to check the results three times, and throughout the day I have been shaking my head in disbelief and grinning like a goon.

And to top it all off my O/H Paul has declared that he is now living with Sheldon i.e. me and says I'm a complete nerd. 'Sigh'


  1. OMG!!!! That's amazing!!! Well done!!! I hope you are planning something lovely to celebrate. And I say what is wrong with being like Sheldon?! He rocks!! :)

    1. Oh and p.s. I agree Sheldon does rock.x

  2. Thank you Lynne, I'm still pinching myself after the shock. I thought I might achieve 2 C's never 2 A's. Funny thing is my tutor kept saying my A+ student and I would just go red and say "yeah right!" really sarcastically lol! Little did I know she was hinting and giving me a heads up about my result as she wasn't allowed to tell us :0 x


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