Sunday, August 12, 2012

Knitting through the games.

I have been enjoying the games immensely.  I sat watching in awe as the opening ceremony unfolded before my eyes,  trying to predict what was going to happen next.  I screamed Team GB along in almost every event they entered. At the start of the games, I thought I would only be interested in the track events (I used to be a track and cross country runner when I was 17) but surprised myself by watching the rowing, boxing, volleyball, hand ball, beach volleyball and the list goes on.  I shed tears as Team GB took to the podium, and I showed empathy when athletes who didn't quite make it, showed their look of dejection and irritation at their performance. Not once did I judge any athlete throughout the competition but instead sat with a look of admiration on my face, each one a hero in my eyes.  And throughout my screaming and jumping up and down I knitted. I dropped stitches during Andy Murray's final game at Wimbledon as my eyes stayed glued to the screen.  Lost count of my stitches while watching Mo Farah race home for gold and blinked and missed Bolts impressive sprint in the 100m, boy was he fast.
I will be watching the closing ceremony of the games though in my eyes they are not finished we still have the Paralympic  Games to go, and I think it is very offensive that the flame is being handed over before they have been completed.  I will be watching the Paralympics and screaming Team GB along and by my side will be my knitting.

There will be another two new knits from the Paralympics, but these are the first two weeks worth of knitting so far.

Miette by Andi Satterlund knit in Rico Creative Cotton, colour wave Cardinal.

My sister modelling Miette

Second up is:
The Sweetheart Cardigan by Grace Akhrem knit in Rowan Calmer shade 495

 I decided on a black floral button for this knit as wish to wear this with a black dress and feel it gives a romantic and vintage look to the cardigan.

 My sister fell in love with both cardigans but I think the Sweetheart one stole her heart,  I thought she wasn't going to give it back to me.


  1. Lovely knits - well done for all that knitting. I dropped more than a couple of stitches during Andy Murray's final.
    Suffering from post-Olympic blues today, but as you say, roll on the Paralympics. It would be great to see it get the same level of support :)

    1. Thank you Madmum. I think at one point I launched my knitting in the air whilst Andy Murray was playing as I got so excited lol. I'm right there with you on the post-Olympic blues I've even been watching the highlight programmes they have been viewing just to get a fix, I'm really going to miss it. :)

  2. I love your cardigans, they both look fantastic. I really like the pleats on the sleeves of the Sweetheart Cardigan, and the black buttons are great. :)

    1. Thank you Lynne. My sister really did fall in love with the two of them and actually ran of with Miette then came back lol. When she tried the Sweetheart Cardigan she remarked how soft the yarn was and wouldn't take it off. If we were 30 years younger I'm sure we would have been found fighting in the garden, pulling each others hair. lol The buttons I spent around 40 minutes wandering up and down Hobbycrafts button aisle, I'm sure the staff must have thought I was dodgy. :0


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