Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Isn't this so cute, every year I am sent a Birthday card from a little character called Calimero*.  On the morning of my birthday,  I always make a point of signing into my email account to see if Calimero has sent me a card and since 2001 he has never failed me. I love you Calimero!

There is one reason this little guy means so much to me. You see the memory of this little chick was brought to me by my brilliant much missed Aunt, who passed in 2001 from cancer. She introduced me to this beautiful little character when I was about five. I had Calimero key-rings, now lost :(  ,  I watched Calimero cartoons and I talked about Calimero non stop; morning, noon and night I was obsessed.  So when I became older and started earning I made a point of buying myself a limited edition Calimero figurine (see image below).


 And ever the big kid when I saw the website I knew that I had to join and become a member.  Now if only I could find a knitting pattern of this little guy!!   See, told you I was obsessed. 

Have a lovely day every one 
Shirley xx

*Calimero is an Italian cartoon (designed by Toni and Nino Pagot) about a charming, but hapless anthropomorphized cartoon chicken; the only black one in a family of yellow chickens. He wears half of his egg shell still on his head.  Calimero originally appeared on the Italian television show Carosello on July 14, 1963, and soon became a popular icon in Italy.  In the Netherlands and Belgium, the term "Calimero complex" is used to denote someone who thinks the world is against them because they are an underdog; often the character's lines from the show are cited, "They are big and I is small and that is not fair, oh no!  (Wikipedia 2013)


  1. Happy Birthday!! I've never heard of this little character before, but I can see why you like him, he's really cute!

  2. Thank you Lynne. I just noticed this morning that they have little cartoons on the Calimero website, similar to the one's I watched when I was little. I felt as though I was five again lol x

  3. Happy Birthday Squirrel! Hope you have had a lovely day...your card is so sweet! x

    1. Thank you Darkest Knits. I've had a lovely day. x


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