Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Spoils of Success!

Yesterday was the  final day of  my school placement and what a brilliant last day it was.  I knew it was going to be action packed but never thought for one moment I would be striking some mean moves and attitude in a Hip Hop class, or sliding down the chutes with the children at Kidzworld. The fun did not stop there though we had a picnic in the local park and then headed back to school for music and outside Golden Time. In between the children sang a song  to say goodbye to me they chose 'How much is that doggy in the window' because of my big dog chievs lol. I also received two awards from the headteacher for all my hard work and achieving an 'A' in my Graded Unit, he was over the moon and shook my hand in front of all the teaching staff.    * blush*

Large card with individual artwork pockets

Children's artwork

The message from the class

My Head teacher Award

My sticker for being a top student

My beautiful gifts

The beautiful card message

The gifts consisted of perfume, chocolates and a gorgeous piggy lunch bag. One of my assessments whilst in attendance was to compile a story sack from a traditional story, I chose 'The Three Little Pigs'. (I will post pictures in my next post). 


  1. Ah! That's so lovely! Congratulations on your awards!

  2. Thank you Lynne, can't believe that is me finished now. Xx

  3. How lovely to receive all those precious drawings and thank you's from the children and staff. Well done and good luck in what you want to do.

    Peg xx

  4. Thank you Peg. I was so overwhelmed on my last day but I have all their drawings to remember them all. I'm thinking about transfering their artwork onto fabric and making a quilt. Xx


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