Sunday, April 27, 2014

Trying to Heal


The past couple of weeks has been very hard for Paul and I. We seem to cope okay when we are busy with work but as soon as we have some spare time such as days off, Chievo's passing hits us all over again, so we are trying to talk about our feelings and having a cry if we need to, just generally being there for each other. We are both still trying to find our new routines, as anyone who owns dogs will know they are a big part of the family and their needs come before yours at times. So when Paul is on shifts I'm busying myself with baking, sewing and housework; although I do hate the latter with a passion, but needs must.

On the crafting front I have been very busy, I had a clear out or rather a reorganisation of my craft area (I never throw anything away-I'm a hoarder) where I found some kits; cat and squirrel kit (to be precise) pictured, that I bought quite a long time ago. The cat embroidery was purchased from Nancy Nicholson's website. I originally started this piece on a whim, I needed something to occupy my heart, mind and hands, and this kit brought the peace I needed; the more I progressed with it, the harder it became to put it down. Now, originally I had no intention of giving this piece away, I wanted to be selfish and keep it for myself but then I thought my mum would appreciate this piece more than me, so, I gifted it to her for Mother's Day. The other piece with the squirrel, is crewel embroidery work (I nicknamed it cruel embroidery because it made my hands ache so much) it's staying with me, but it's still waiting for a frame as I'm not sure what colour the surround should be, sigh!

Finally, I celebrated my birthday right in the middle of Easter, it was a very mixed day one minute I was excited (I love my birthday and feel like a little kid) and on the other it was tinged with sadness as I wanted the one person with me that I couldn't have; my dog. However, Paul made sure that he was included by signing my card and gift labels from Paul and Chievs which made me smile. The icing on the cake though was the t-shirt with a picture of a dog on it. It took me a bit of courage to ask Paul if it was Chievs, and to my delight it was my little boy on the front wearing 3d glasses. To top it off the t-shirt had Ridgeback written on the back in orange letters; cause you see I always called Chievs my 'little orange.'

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