Saturday, May 24, 2014

Much Madness!

Very excited about the outfit along! I've been following Andi Satterlund for quite some time now and have test knitted quite a few designs for her. The challenge is to complete the outfit (cardigan and dress) within one month starting on the 1st of June. I very much doubt I will finish it in time, with travelling two hours a day and working eight hour shifts, but I will give it my best shot, it will be a good motivator. Unfortunately, I can’t get hold of the specified yarn so I was going to use my favourite and much tested; Cascade 220. I will be using the pattern specified and some fabric that I bought for another project that I didn't quite get round to.
When I do start I plan to knit the cardigan during the day; lunch break permitting and the dress at night, so long as I'm not too tired, then again maybe the weekend would be better.

Wish me luck, because I think I'm going to need it.  Oh! And I promise I will take photographs of the fabric and yarn before the challenge begins.

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  1. I'm doing the knit-a-long half of the outfit-a-long because I nearly fell of my seat when I saw the Myrna pattern. It's absolutely gorgeous! I saw on Ravelry this morning that there is an update for it to fix an error in the keyhole on the back, and also some decreases. I must remember to print it out. I'm using some Rowan worsted superwash for mine, and I'd love to know what you think of Cascade 220, because I haven't used it before. I'd be too afraid of it felting when it's washed - and that's a handwash!


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