Saturday, April 25, 2015

Morning walks and crafting

My birthday flew past in a flash,  isn't that always the way, a day that you never want to end just goes whooosh and it's gone.  Although, Paul did try to make it last by baking my birthday cake (a Sticky Orange Marmalade one) the day after, (between you and me) I think he was just too tired to make it for my big day.

On the crafting front, I happened upon a beautiful sewing site,  and I thought lets take a peek to see what they have. Well six metres of fabric, two sewing patterns and thread later I can declare that I had a very pleasant shopping experience. This is one site I will be revisiting again and again. So excited by my purchases that I got started straight away by ripping open the pattern seen above, now, I normally just cut straight from the pattern, but in this case I thought lets trace it because in the near future I'm hoping to shed some weight, and this pattern was at the top end of the pricing range, so I thought lets just keep it in all its splendour.

The other craft item, well, that's part of a challenge over at Little Things and Uncommon Grace,  the challenge,  I have to complete a couple of letters of the alphabet from Alicia Paulson's new cross stitch kit. I started a couple of days after my big day, and I'm not doing too bad considering I'm back at work;  I've managed to complete upto the letter 'd'.

Talking of work, the beautiful pictures of new born lambs where taken on one of the nursery's days out. It was lovely and warm (well, for Scotland it was warm).  The nice thing about the walks, wherever you go within a couple of minutes you are surrounded by nature and beautiful wildlife; ducks waddling across the mainstreet, new born lambs springing around in the fields, horses, bats and birds of prey. Just beautiful, and so lovely to share with the little ones I work with.


  1. how did you make the About me section? how did you type in it? also ,cute blog!! :)

  2. You have such a lovely blogspot! Thanks for sharing your life with me!


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