Sunday, August 02, 2015

Fighting Crime...Scarecrow Style!

I've been very busy this week, my little craft hands have been working like mad to get things finished for a special event. Every year just before the schools go back for their new term, the little village that I work in holds an Agricultural Show.  They ask all the locals to get their thinking caps on (straw) to put their village on the map,  as everyone  is invited to take part in a Community Scarecrow Competition. The villagers use their imagination and come up with scarecrows of all shapes, sizes and form, in an attempt to secure the best scarecrow in town award.  Last year, we took the children on a Scarecrow Hunt,  to see how many scarecrows had been displayed. We thought we might see six on the day, but we must have seen closer to 12 or more.  Well this year the little one's have chosen a subject close to their hearts, a context that we have seen popping up over and over again throughout the year.  
Some indication of what we are up to: the body, legs and arms have been completed and just need joined together, and I have promised to make some very important features for the scarecrow.  The picture above may help.
Can you guess who our Scarecrow is going to be? 

Giving some credit to the knitting pattern designer, the piece is Bat Hat by Joanna Rankin.

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