Sunday, January 17, 2016

3 Ways to Embrace the Cold


                                                      Reading, Resting and Knitting

We haven't felt inclined to venture out much over the weekend.  After taking a tumble at work on an icy piece of ground and hurting my left knee; bruising and swelling (not just to my knee but to my ego too) it's been far nicer to stay warm, cosy and safe in the house.  Much nicer to look at the snow from the comfort of my sofa whilst cupping a warm drink in my hand.   This has also given me plenty of time for resting and reading over the past few days, but I'm determined that I should make more time for crafting. So in between reading and resting,  I've decided to stash bust those odds and ends of wool from previous projects. You know,  the ones that are too small to make a project on their own but added together they should or could  make something quite spectacular, such as the  Manic Panic Cowl. 

When I have ventured out into the snowy winter wonderland, I have been  going between my Norie hat and Tears of Bronze.  Both patterns are available from Ravelry.

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