Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting smart with my hobbies

I have been super busy the past couple of weeks, the garden is fairly in full bloom and is keeping me on my toes. What with watering every day with the super hot weather and feeding once a week to keep the plants in tip top condition, I'm quite run off my feet but in a happy way.  I'm so pleased with the way the garden is looking, because in spring I was fretting that I had left all my potting of seeds and gardening prep too late. I shouldn't have worried, everything seems to be sprouting at once and every day I'm met with new miracles; first time growing strawberries, on Monday they were green and when I checked them again on Wednesday three had started to turn red.  Well, you can imagine my excitement Paul couldn't stop laughing as I jumped up and down in the garden.  My sunflowers are another miracle, previous years they have been munched and rotted away, not this year I've only put in their second much longer supports and since doing so, they have sprouted a good 4" in a couple of days.  My lettuce plants also just keep growing and growing and every time I pick the leaves they seem to double in size; at this rate I will have to think about setting up a wee homegrown produce stall to sell my veg lol!

The Great British Sewing Bee has also returned for a fourth season (Yahoo!)and is about to go on to episode 6. I love, love, love this programme so much,  I'm quite sad because I record the programme while I watch it so I can then view it again at a later date.  I also bought the book just after episode 3; I hid it from Paul as I couldn't wait until Christmas Time I had to have it now. Paul, had me sussed though with a comment along the lines of 'I hope you're waiting until the Sewing Bee book is reduced before buying it?'  I purchased the book reduced on Amazon rrp £25.00 I bought it for £9.99 bit of a bargain me thinks.  I've had a quick scoot through the book, and I've  highlighted a few items that I want to make but if I ever get round to them is a different matter. I seem to have a head full of great ideas and designs but then chicken out at the last minute as I'm too scared to go ahead with them for fear of making a mistake or a mess.  Even as I type this, my mind is going into overdrive, and I'm thinking 'I don't really do as much sewing as I should, and I have some material that I could turn into a skirt or a blouse. Hmm! Maybe I should look the fabric out and get started.'  (Pause in typing as I run upstairs to locate stuff). I've just laid the material on the bed as a reminder for later and started two headscarves for my mum (pictured).  I've also purchased some new feet for my machine (not the Merritt in the photo this is Paul's gran's machine, just out of storage), and I have big designs about extending the space in my front room to accommodate a table for cutting and a serger purchase.  Shhhh!  Don't say anything to Paul.


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  1. Your garden looks brilliant!! Good idea on the net over the strawberries. I tried growing strawberries once, and the blackbeards ate them. I was not impressed!! I say just go for it with the sewing - what's the worst that can happen?! Good luck!


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